Bed and Breakfast in Nord-Pas-De-Calais France

Spring Has Sprung!

Suddenly the spring seems to have arrived. The birds are singing at 5 am, and the sun is shining. The snowdrops are in full flower, and I’ve spotted lots of other bulbs poking through the soil.
I spent the whole of Monday in the garden of at Le Petit Manoir cutting back bushes and clearing dead growth from last year. When I was pruning the grape vine against the kitchen wall, it was really warm, lovely.

I’ve still got plenty to do to get it ready for summer visitors to our modest bed and breakfast in Nord-Pas de Calais, but, it’s a good start.

I took yesterday off from chores and spent the afternoon and evening in Lille, the largest city in the Nord-Pas de Calais and was a well deserved ‘European City of Culture’ a few years ago. It truly is a beautiful city, high-quality shops, great restaurants, museums, stunning architecture and a good choice of hotels. There are so many lovely squares to pass an hour over a coffee watching the world go by. As it was a beautiful sunny afternoon, this is what we did for much of the time, but left enough time for a lovely evening meal before coming home.

Lille is only about 45 minutes drive from the Petit Manoir, but visitors who go there from the Petit Manoir often find it easier to take the train from Arras, the trains are regular, clean, and inexpensive, and take 35 minutes. There is plenty of parking at the station.
Back to the garden today. This area of the Nord Pas de Calais is very rural, and mainly agricultural. One side of the Petit Manoir overlooks fields, the other, woodland. So naturally the garden is very rich in bird life. I encourage them in the winter by hanging out lots of balls of fat and hangers of nuts and have quite a few nesting boxes in the cherry trees. There does seem to be some interest in them already.
The wood has a slight green haze as the sun catches all the tiny green buds on the trees and I can see lots of Hazel catkins hanging down. The field at the back is covered with herring gulls this morning; they must have found something good to eat there. There isn’t much passing traffic to disturb them.
The village is always quiet, but, at this time of the year one can go all day with only the postman passing, Christmas fun is long forgotten, although there are still a few decorations to be seen! And the summer fun won’t start until Easter. However, there’s always plenty to be done to get ready for welcoming our guests who will be staying in our accommodation at the Petit Manoir, so I’d better get out in the sunshine and start work!