Bed and Breakfast in Nord-Pas-De-Calais France

Wedding Belles in Northern France

Here in the Nord Pas de Calais, the past two months have been hot and dry, frequently with temperatures higher than the Mediterranean regions. We’ve already entertained the first guests of 2017 at the Bed & Breakfast, and we look forward to a busy summer accommodating many more happy holidaymakers here in Northern France.

The year is passing quickly at Le Petit Manoir; we did suffer a few days of hard overnight frost in late April that killed all my Wisteria flowers in a few hours. However, summer is now upon us.

While I enjoy the sun and warmth, it has become a problem keeping the garden growing. The water butts are empty, and I’m now using kitchen water to put on the vegetables and salad plants. I do offer evening meals at Le Petit Manoir for my bed and breakfast guests, and serve fruit, vegetables and salad fresh from the garden whenever possible.

In this area of the Nord Pas de Calais, almost every village has its chateau, usually well maintained, and often open to the public for viewing and exhibitions, fairs, etc. Guests at Le Petit Manoir often come across a classic motor show or historical re-enactment in the grounds of a chateau as they pass through.

The chateau of Le Cauroy is very close by, and last week held a grand wedding when the daughter of the Count of Le Cauroy was married. This was a big occasion in the Nord Pas de Calais with many visitors coming from Paris and abroad. Le Petit Manoir was full with wedding guests; it was great to meet them.

The chateau is not far from Berlencourt, almost quicker to walk than go by car, the route by car is along narrow lanes with many confusing turns. So, when my guests asked me the way, I suggested it would be quicker for me to guide them than to try to explain. As we went through the village square, I came across six other cars all turning around, pointing up lanes, and looking utterly lost!

I asked one group if they were looking for the chateau, and, before I knew it, I headed a convoy of seven cars along the twisty lanes to the chateau.

I hope the rest of the summer brings such delightful visitors to Le Petit Manoir.